Friday, March 2

compare & contrast

TRANSCENDANT in the final glow, a hopeful tone
both barking into the warm night. leaning back upon your bridgy hands,
wind with a bite on the end, swept-up,
endless, senses pluming, prepared to descend.

all sharp lines and the tip
needle clean hardness, prescription bliss-
this was the beginning, and the end, and this
was the whole and the half, and the missing part,
the hopeless notion, and the holy heart.

that i understood, that sleek and speeding car
with desert dust in the undercarriage, the white covered wires
singing hipster songs over distances, and far
on that rainy day (here), i longed to be sailing as well
above (or beneath) those tires.

but you, with that rickety model of black
the moment you are gone, this place will want you back
and smack its weary smoke upon the warehouse walls
calling and calling, in concrete halls, on sidewalks, in despair
where could she be? aching in the dusty air,
yearning in sighs & falls.

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