Saturday, December 15

a few thoughts without sleep

storms move in as i hide
myself up at this hole &
for lack of my own bed
i replace rum & glowing computer screen
bite my bottom lip
wilting, trapped

these city limits, the highway belt
girdling, here i dissolve
longing, yearning, attempting practicality
feigning strength, not for deceit
but for want to be stronger, now,
to gather all memory like little bits of silver
lost at the bottom of the lake
(as if all i needed was a motive)

remembering, now, something lovely
but long forgotten, every discovery new,
beautifully familiar, as if i had dreamt it all before,
and upon waking i emerge fearless,
shaken to my roots

clinging to this earth
an enchanted creature, a whisper
a treasure, a midnight star- i squint my eyes
at her words, i evaporate gently
into a space where miles have no meaning,
far from this wind.

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