Thursday, May 21

apple comparison (drunken song)

"com par i sons / are easily done "

apple boy, ripe-brown-eye
stretched elbow, stoic face, brown-lashes
you're a plum, a dream.

like a goldfish in a bowl i reach out to you,
through glass my laser vision
in a bowl, in a bowl, in a bowl
take my orange fin

(chorus: and the green hills were rolling!)

o my ugly coated goat,
you bathtime singer, face with the
round round nose from which
i hung the white starched garment:
you're a plucky, a patient, a monk in a cell

damn these crew-cut bastards that keep walking in,
i trapped you, damn whistler.
i caught you in my jaws and snapped
your spring-loaded bones
into a calcium powder

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