Wednesday, June 23

june daylight // sleek black night


there is no paler light
that could ever come through these lace curtains
& i pull so tight on the strings of this dress.
this tiny room, meant for a confessional
a preparation for procession,
(there has been much more done for less.)

these things blend. beaming man,
smiling like the rest of your life,
will you ever beam for me? will i have june daylight
or just a silent garden party? promises too large to chew
i don't think i could ever make for you,
not even to see you look that way at me.



i will;
this is a definitive process.
i move to a picture; i become and i rise.
printed cotton, trays of appetizers, apron ties.

at night i sleek out,
i streamline, i bite down on falling snow.
in autumn falling leaves make a carpet-path below.
in spring i wash out with rain and cherry-blossoms make me sneeze.
on summer nights i stretch my bones and sway at the slightest breeze.

paint and metal, make and model
fire-branded, stamped, and fondled
pressed back by gravity
(bring up your hands, press them firm on me)

i grow heavy and let it fall to my sides.
my eyelashes grow heavy and my hopes spread wide.
Lake Erie fills up like eyes fill with tears.
"how long?"
..."years, years."

at the fountain i wish
to have wishes again- something i can so ardently press
i wish once again to have something happy to confess
maybe you can meet me here, and we'll walk along these willows
in a way that's not contrived- no photographers, no expensive dress
just you & i, alive

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