Sunday, September 26

watermelon song

family connectivity of species, connection on the line
i grab from the wall and call towards you,
in andandand from / above / behind--

&&&&&they said the watermelons were boys;
 the more compact round girls;
i do not care to know.
i see only floors littered with toys, a vast implosion of my guarded world.
they say that things grow to fill their spaces (----!!)
So. It's important to me, too. Take me where you want me to go.

i don't sleek out- i just raise my back.
i don't sleek out- i curl up into a ball.
i am nothing streamlined.
no sir, not at all

i can still lay a black dress upon my bed.
i can still run down stairs, and spin in church squares,
i can still film an age in my head.

but at the end of the day, it wasn't what we did
it was what they said--- 222222over-pulled bywhattheysaid.

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