Saturday, September 4

whenever you look out, every now & then

admit this- one thing
(you must!). i served my rare time
and watched it go; i gave you
back, solidly, to red dust.

i will not let you stand
in an airplane chair - believe
before you land, i know
what you thought when i said
"perhaps you ought to go"
what's so hard to understand-
"perhaps i will be glad to have you go"--

i will not let you stand
from your airplane chair- you bolt frozen
right there, drop that you're carrying-
i imagine- you admit- life is a network circle, a ring
& though i never spelled your soup, this thing
binds lesser men,& years become nothing.
I do not believe you do not wonder, every now and then.

time doesn't scare me, nor does the thought
of your ---- - my ----- -, a white promise, new life
i don't care. i am always right in what i do-
i follow this scarlet thread everywhere. i drag it by my side
like a wallet, or the moon, and like that orbit
it will not crash us soon, but this gravity
affects lesser measures, the tides, my extraneous endeavors
fall air versus perfect weather,
admit it! (she cries, hiding her hair and widening her eyes)
  at least, every now and then....

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