Wednesday, June 20

Song for Fleur

What I'm most sad about is that I'll never get to tell you of your beauty:
I suppose, like now, I'll find other ways.
Your eyes are bowls of gems, and your smile is sunshine,
My Fleur, who is not my Fleur, but the Fleur of the world.

And though our lips may never meet in the shadows,
Hush and know the vastness. Close your eyes, and just for once,
Know that you are beautiful, that I long to hold your hand.
Oh, meet me in the garden,
The one in your dreams, by lanternlight-
Seek me me out when you're falling asleep 
(that isn't wrong; dreams aren't wrong,
no one has forbidden dreams.)

For though we've barely touched fingertips, believe
I feel more for you than men who have touched me whole.
There is a respect in distance, and your simple touches
Are permanent; they light up my skin long after you remove your hand. 

Do not blame yourself if I cannot meet your eyes.
I adore you, adore you! You are a light to this world,
Not mine but a beauty for everyone! (Oh how I yearn to say it!)
So be what you are, so rightly! Marry who you must,
We can be realistic, sure. But if, by some strange chance
You truly love me back, 
Dare to meet me in dreams, though I dare not dream of you.
 Dreams are yours, and can be what you want them to.
And my silly heart is yours, though we must never speak of it.

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