Wednesday, May 28

if you cook, i'll clean

ledger, lamby, mica mountain spar,
sparkle, between the dark
leave (the bed, the shades, the car)
for someone else
O i have been receptive thus far, shit,
perhaps i'm more perceptive than i'd like to admit,
may i inquire as to the meaning of your star?

move between rings, between the steps
of your new front porch, your broom, your bride & tomb
a failure to break these habits, this heart
a new start and an empty room
ah, your starchy hair, you're full of gloom!

what has happened while you were asleep?
while she moves under, and submits
(moon behind the window lines,
hand between the tits) a whole room basked in blue,
you eye the knife & i eye you.
(yes, i've known moons and so have you.)

i have got a bottle full of bleach, can you take a leap?
i'll clean your gut, your heart
so perhaps you'll finally sleep- I'll scrub your surface down
I'll filter the air until it's sweet.

call it your cooking knife, and bake me a pie
do not fear or sigh, oh-
with the taste of tomatoes alive in my veins
I will drive to you / back to Ohio-
I will build you a ship out of cotton and ink
'till I feel your hand in my hand--
i will write you a tune to propel us along
and we'll leave this dead-weight land.

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